Why Education Reform Matters

Perhaps you saw the front page article on the Richmond Times Dispatch Saturday.

It makes me sad and angry to even think about it. And that is why I need your help so urgently today.

All campaign, I have been touting parental choice in education as key to improving failing schools.

The evidence to support this solution is overwhelming: everywhere it has been tried, it has worked. Ask Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana. When he implemented school choice among public schools there, it was so popular that they included private schools in the mix.

Did the public schools suffer? No, they got better – when the education of children became the primary mission, over the protection of union bureaucrats.

My friends, the news out of Richmond shows conclusively why we need this solution in Virginia.

In Richmond City, only 13 out of 44 schools – less than 1/3 – were fully accredited. The same is true in urban areas all over the Commonwealth.

All told six schools – six – are slated to be taken over by the state because they have failed their students so badly.

Our children need us to step up for education reform – right now!

If you believe that six failing schools is not something we have to accept, then donate today to my campaign. Donate in multiples of 6 – $600, or $60, or $6. Please, whatever you can send, I need your help this week to be able to tell the story of education reform across Virginia.

Let’s send the unions a message that our children are more important than their power.

- E.W. Jackson

Virginia law requires all candidate committees to record the name, mailing address, occupation information (includes type of work, employer, and principal place of business) for each individual who contributes to our committee. Your information will not be reported if your cumulative contribution is $100 or less for this campaign.