Statement of E.W. Jackson On House Subcommittee Vote Against Automatic Restoration of Rights

E.W. Jackson, candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, released the following statement after the House Subcommittee vote against the Automatic Restoration of Rights Amendments:

“I am deeply disappointed in today’s vote against constitutional amendments to grant the automatic restoration of rights for nonviolent felons who have served their time and repaid their debt to society. Virginians believe in forgiveness and redemption. Our forefathers and mothers and the earliest Virginians settled this land with the dream of starting a new life. When nonviolent offenders have met the requirements of justice there should be no legal barriers to prevent them from starting over with full participation in the social and political aspects of our Commonwealth. As a Pastor I counsel people who made mistakes early in life but have now been productive, law-abiding citizens for decades. When they have paid the full price for their error in judgment their rights should be restored automatically.”