Statement of E.W. Jackson on Bill Bolling’s Vote On Amendment To Voter ID Bill

E.W. Jackson, Candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia released the following statement after Lt. Governor Bill Bolling’s tie-breaking vote to kill and amendment to SB719 that would have implemented changes to which documents count as acceptable forms of voter identification this year:

“I am greatly disappointed at Lieutenant Governor Bolling’s vote to kill Sen. Dick Black’s amendment to help ensure that our electoral process is fair, open, and honest this year. Valid elections are the very cornerstone of our system and this step toward ensuring a secure process is not a change that should wait another year.

“As Lieutenant Governor, I will work tirelessly to ensure our legislators in Richmond are addressing pressing issues immediately. Far too often we find our elected officials choosing to push hard decisions off to another day or implement much needed changes at times that are more politically convenient for them rather than necessary for the people.”