Northam’s Election Year Rhetoric Isn’t What Virginia Needs

Northam’s focus on divisive issues won’t create a single job

CHESAPEAKE, VA – Republican nominee for Virginia Lieutenant Governor E.W. Jackson spoke out today concerning Ralph Northam’s election year rhetoric and empty record:

“I am committed to the real issues facing Virginia’s families,” said Jackson. “And while Ralph Northam may try to talk a good game on issues he feels are vital to the people of the Commonwealth, his record in the Virginia Senate, or lack thereof, tells a different story. What Northam currently calls ‘commonsense legislation’ is something he has not taken the time to address by sponsoring a single relevant bill during his five years in the Virginia Senate. Instead, Northam’s record is one of standing against better health standards for women’s clinics and for an extreme social agenda that does nothing to put Virginians back to work.

“If it takes statewide ambitions for Ralph Northam to feel strongly on this issue, how many others are just empty rhetoric meant to get him elected? Virginians deserve better for Lieutenant Governor – someone who is honest with the people of Virginia and won’t play politics as usual. As Lieutenant Governor, I will fight for working families and small businesses and help create a better Commonwealth for all.”