Kay Gunter: Why I Support E.W. Jackson

In a letter to delegate today, Kay Gunther, member of the Republican Party of Virginia State Central Committee from the 10th District, endorsed E.W. Jackson for Lieutenant Governor:

Congratulations on registering to be a delegate to the 2013 State Convention! I am looking forward to serving with you as we nominate the Republican ticket for Virginia’s next Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General. I believe that this convention will be one of the most important and exciting ones in Virginia’s history.

The main purpose of this letter is to tell you why I am supporting E.W. Jackson for Lt. Governor, whose campaign has become a movement to restore the foundations of our great nation where they began – in Virginia! He is poised to win the nomination on May 18th because his campaign has shown him to be a statesman, not a politician.

E.W. Jackson possesses four critical qualities which define a statesman:

1) A Bedrock of Principles

E.W. Jackson has lived his life on a foundation of firm, unchanging, fundamental truths. These principles of constitutional governance are spreading all across Virginia and they are needed to restore our freedoms and liberty.

2) A Moral Compass

E.W. Jackson makes his decisions by following the dictates of his own moral compass; he believes in absolute truths and his moral compass is rooted in a sense of absolute right and absolute wrong. He is a man of integrity and he speaks the truth.

3) A Vision

E.W. Jackson has a clear vision of what Virginia and her people can become. He is a man of action and foresight: he knows where to take us and how we will get there.

4) The Ability to Build a Consensus to Achieve that Vision

E.W. Jackson has the ability to win the minds and the hearts of the people because of the soundness of his philosophy. He does not use slick advertisements. Rather, he uses the power of the written and spoken word. He is a master orator. His lifelong study of great books and lessons of history, allow him to speak to the voters in intelligent, potent, well-reasoned opinions. He speaks to the very best within his fellow man and the strength of his words comes from the fact that he believes and does what he says.

Please take the time to find out more about E.W. Jackson and his vision for the future of Virginia and America by visiting his website at JacksonForLG.com and following his campaign on Facebook.

I also ask you to cast your vote for E.W. Jackson on Saturday, May 18th at the 2013 Republican State Convention.

Thanks and God Bless,

Kay Gunter
10th District Republican Party of Virginia State Central Committee

Additional Key Endorsements for E.W. Jackson for Lieutenant Governor:

Del. Rick Morris – Virginia’s 64th House of Delegates District
Barry Bank – Supervisor, Halifax County
Thomas Reed – School Board (At Large), Loudoun County
Anne Fitzgerald – 6th District State Central Committee
Anne LeHuray – 8th District State Central Committee
Kay Gunter – 10th District State Central Committee
Eve Marie Barner Gleason – 10th District State Central Committee
Suzanne Curran – Western Vice-Chair, Republican Party of Virginia
Garet Bosiger – Chairman, Appomattox Country Republican Committee
Bill Shirley – Chairman, Augusta County Republican Committee
Scott Stanely – Chairman, Dickenson County Republican Committee
Gary Lowe – Chairman, Greene County Republican Committee
Joan Blackstone – Chairman, Lancaster County Republican Committee
Bob Arment – Chairman, Louisa County Republican Committee
Bill Harvill – Chairman, Madison County Republican Committee
Wally Hudson – Chairman, Mecklenburg County Republican Committee
Daniel Bradshaw – Chairman, Prince Edward County Republican Committee
John Brill – Chairman, Roanoke City Republican Committee
Matt Fitzgerald – Chairman, Staunton City Republican Committee
Lori Carlson – Chairman, Surry County Republican Committee
Rich Macbeth – Chairman, Washington County Republican Committee
Don Blake – Chairman and President, Virginia Christian Alliance
Melvin Adams – Renew-A-Nation
Dean Welty – President, Valley Family Forum
Jim and Shelley Hendry – Founders, His Image Ministries
Chip Tarbutton – President, Roanoke Tea Party
Candace Strother – Former President, Loudoun Republican Women’s Club
Gen. Jerry Boykin – Lt. General (Retired) United States Army, Fmr. United States Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence