Jackson Endorsed By Gun Owners Of America

E.W. Jackson, Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor in Virginia, has received the endorsement of Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund (GOA-PVF).

“Mr. Jackson is an old-school conservative who ‘walks the walk’ and ‘talks the talk’ — while making the gun-grabbing liberals nervous,” said Tim Macy, Vice Chairman of GOA-PVF.

Macy goes on to expound on why the Gun Owners of America are so enthusiastic in their endorsement of Jackson. “Star Parker, a well-known conservative African-American, says Jackson ‘is outspoken about limited government and personal freedom.’ Indeed, Jackson will be a valuable ally for our Second Amendment rights — as he has committed himself to ‘stop any further efforts to infringe on this right’ and to ‘aggressively pursue eliminating’ existing gun control restrictions.

“Gun Owners of America is an organization on the frontline of protecting our Second Amendment rights,” said E.W. Jackson. “I am honored to have their endorsement and look forward to working with them on this campaign. As Lieutenant Governor I look forward to continuing to work the GOA and others to advance the rights of gun owners in Virginia.”