Grassroots And Tea Party Leaders Endorse Jackson For Lieutenant Governor

I am pleased to be able to report that thanks to the hard work and support of people your fellow patriots, we are poised to shock the world at the RPV Convention on May 18th. I am grateful to all of you who have made it possible. We have come a long way since last December!

Grassroots activists and concerned citizens have honored our campaign with more donors than any other by a significant margin and our polling of registered delegates to the RPV Convention shows the strength of our movement.

This movement to restore liberty, Constitutional governance, and our founding principles is catching fire all across Virginia. While we were the last to enter the race, the movement to Inspire and Unite Virginia has put our campaign in the top tier.

Grassroots and patriotic leaders across the Commonwealth are supporting and endorsing our effort because we share a deep commitment to conservative Constitutional principles. I am humbled to have their endorsements:

As our Lt. Governor, E.W. Jackson will be a forceful voice supporting Governor Cuccinelli in the battle to reassert U.S. Constitutional limits, as defined in the 9th and 10th Amendments. He will willingly stand with our Governor against the federal government for the rights of Virginians.
- Suzanne Curren
Western Vice-Chair, Republican Party of Virginia
Co-Founder Shenandoah Valley Constitutional Conservatives
Former 6th Congressional District Representative for VFRW

If you want someone who will make a difference in Richmond, there is no other candidate you can support that can make a bigger difference in the status quo than E.W. Jackson.
- Chip Tarbutton
President, Roanoke Tea Party
Co-Chairman, Virginia 10th Amendment Center

Through his personal story, his faith, and his principled conservative convictions, [E.W. Jackson] inspires, energizes, and challenges all people to recognize the need to protect the American Dream. He does so in a manner that no other political candidate ever has or really can, yet his message of liberty and freedom is so amazingly powerful, simple, and clear.
- Matt Fitzgerald
Chairman, Staunton Republican Committee

Our movement to Inspire and Unite Virginians from all over the Commonwealth has brought together traditional Republicans, tea party activists, Ron Paul Supporters, social conservatives and has already begun to break into voting populations which had been lost to Republicans in Virginia. This coalition will not only give us the strength we need to win at the convention in May, but the momentum to carry us to victory in November so that the national restoration of liberty can begin in Richmond.

To bring about this restoration we need more than a campaign to win office. We need a movement to win hearts and minds; a movement to reactivate those conservatives who have given up; a movement to capture the imagination of all those people who share our values but have been told to distrust our motives. Thirty-four years ago Ronald Reagan spoke to my heart and then convinced my head. He made it clear that every idea and policy he advocated was out of a deep sense of commitment to the American people. We knew that. We felt it. As an heir of that legacy, I am committed to the conservative principles that will make life better for us all.

Thank you for your prayers and support. I hope you will grant me the privilege of serving as your nominee for Lt. Governor, and helping Ken Cuccinelli and the Attorney General nominee to achieve a much needed Republican victory in November.

For God and Country,

- E.W. Jackson

Additional Key Endorsements for E.W. Jackson for Lieutenant Governor:

  • Del. James Edmunds – Virginia’s 60th House of Delegates District
  • Del. Rick Morris – Virginia’s 64th House of Delegates District
  • Barry Bank – Supervisor, Halifax County
  • Kay Gunter – 10th District State Central Committee
  • Eve Marie Barner Gleason – 10th District State Central Committee
  • Suzanne Curran – Western Vice-Chair, Republican Party of Virginia
  • Garet Bosiger – Chairman, Appomattox Country Republican Committee
  • Scott Stanely – Chairman, Dickenson County Republican Committee
  • Gary Lowe – Chairman, Greene County Republican Committee
  • Bob Arment – Chairman, Louisa County Republican Committee
  • Bill Harvill – Chairman, Madison County Republican Committee
  • Wally Hudson – Chairman, Mecklenburg County Republican Committee
  • Daniel Bradshaw – Chairman, Prince Edward County Republican Committee
  • John Brill – Chairman, Roanoke City Republican Committee
  • Matt Fitzgerald – Chairman, Staunton County Republican Committee
  • Lori Carlson – Chairman, Surry County Republican Committee
  • Rich Macbeth – Chairman, Washington County Republican Committee
  • Don Blake – Chairman and President, Virginia Christian Alliance
  • Melvin Adams – Renew-A-Nation
  • Dean Welty – President, Valley Family Forum
  • Chip Tarbutton – President, Roanoke Tea Party
  • Gen. Jerry Boykin – Lt. General (Retired) United States Army, Fmr. United States Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence