As I travel the Commonwealth I’m meeting people who are tired of politics as usual. Hard working Virginians are demanding a shake up of Richmond and Washington with a reassertion of the principles and vision that created this nation and fueled its continued greatness. The foundations were laid in Virginia and this is where they must be restored.

This isn’t just my message: this is your message. It comes from Virginians of all walks of life, men and women of every ethnic background and every economic status. We are united in the understanding that our Creator has given us the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Hard working individuals and families are tired of being told that the government knows best what to do with their children, their property and their money.

As Lieutenant Governor I will carry the torch of freedom for all Virginians. For too long our voices have not been heard. With your help I will be speak for you in Richmond and stand up to overreach on all levels of government so that we may return to liberty and once again enjoy unbridled prosperity.

Our message is resonating. This movement is growing. And with your help we will bring our voices and values to Richmond and ultimately to America.

To Mail A Donation:
Please make checks payable to:
Jackson for Lt. Governor of Virginia
P.O. Box 15003 Chesapeake, VA 23328

Virginia law requires all candidate committees to record the name, mailing address, occupation information (includes type of work, employer, and principal place of business) for each individual who contributes to our committee. Your information will not be reported if your cumulative contribution is $100 or less for this campaign.