Delegate Tony Wilt – Why I’m Supporting E.W.

Last week I talked briefly about why I think it’s important to support Ken Cuccinelli for the Governorship this November. Today I will take a moment to highlight why we need to elect E.W. Jackson the next Lieutenant Governor.

E.W. is a conservative through and through. There will be no question of his positions on the issues. He understands that when we reduce government bureaucracy and limit taxation, individuals and businesses can grow to their full potential. When citizens prosper, all Virginians benefit.

Some may argue that the Lieutenant Governorship is just not that important; especially when one party holds a strong majority in the State Senate. However, that is not the case this year. Without a clear majority, the next Lieutenant Governor will be called upon to make many critical tie-breaking votes. Bill Bolling cast a record breaking 31 votes during the 2012 Session! I don’t see that number being much lower in the coming years. Many of the important reforms that originated in the Republican controlled House would have never made it to the Governor’s desk were it not for the Lieutenant Governor. This is why it’s critical we elect E.W. Jackson to ensure that he’s the one casting that tie-breaking vote.